How do I market my younique products using facebook?

There are most definitely a large amount of younique presenters out there that fall into what I like to call the ‘Facebook Pit’ by forever scrolling down their news feed. I would like to state that this is surely NOT going to be an income earning task and so if you really feel like doing this activity then at least set an alarm on your clock or mobile allowing a maximum ‘play time’ of around 15 minutes or so. 

So let us get started – the plan! Basically prep ahead and sit yourself down and consider your office to be on Facebook and change your mindset to look at this as your place of work, a sanctuary if you wish? Friends, customers and relatives are always asking me “Where do you work Nicola?” and my constant reply is always “Facebook.” You might think this is daft but indeed if you think about it then it truly is the case! But you NEED to organize yourself and learn self-control along with wisely spending your time on only the important things that are going to bring traffic and sales of your younique products and promotion materials. 

Many years it took me to learn self-discipline while I was growing up and I was determined to go above and beyond what my parents did i.e. day time jobs 9-5 laborious tasks to meet ends meat! I taught myself a little lesson and planned to have order in my life with a specific schedule for success. 

Follow the below steps and you will find yourself maximizing Facebook time to focus on the good stuff: 

  • Write a list of Facebook contact let us start with around 100 (Even look at it, if you’ve done one already). These people are currently who you want to focus on and develop strong relationships with. Inform each of them about this fantastic opportunity. On a daily basis try to connect with as many off this list as possible to keep a link with them and develop a strong bond.
  • Systematically look at each of the profiles from the list (I suggest a few at a time) and find out what they have recently been doing so you can then ask them a personal question such as for example “Hey Nicola, I saw that you visited London yesterday, did you go on the London eye as its great?” You ultimately want to start connecting with a majority of Facebook users and gain their trust rather than spamming them asking to join the younique sisterhood team.
  • The trick to this really is that after you have sent and received a message from each contact the Facebook algorithm changes so these people are in fact the very first to view what has been posted each day by yourself. Hence messaging is the most important and thing to do first at the beginning of each day. On a side note - think targeted so if a contact is a dog lover then maybe share a funny puppy video and tag them with a punch line and when they respond it in turn will boost the algorithm.
  • Always post on a daily basis something that is considered to be either motivating, funny or insightful … mix and match throughout the week.
  • REPEAT this above process (Contact another few people on your contact list).
  • Don’t forget to post a YOUNIQUE related category such as a live feed, review or image of your final look in the morning for example.
  • POST anything which will invite a friend or acquaintance to action (Consider booking an online party! Basically read more about Younique!)
  • POST a video or go LIVE (Chiter Chat, viral stuff, tutorials or make up sessions)
  • REPEAT everything again - this is all about daily repeatable tasks!

FOLLOW the above steps for your VIP groups and family also and if people comment on your posts and your not friends then add them - this is about building a client base!

Remember you manage your own hours - you can this as little or as often as you desire throughout any given day. But the more you do it then the more you will see desired results.

Can I market my younique products using twitter?

First sign up for an account and make your profile picture as interesting as possible. Furthermore make a good description to attrack people to want to follow you. There are millions of users tweeting and reading posts all day long so this is an important marketing tool for showing off your younique products or even announcements on the latest products.

Start by adding around 50 friends a day and try and target people that are into makeup even makeup artists so your posts will later on be more targeted and this is going to increase the chances of them clicking to action on the makeup cosmetic related items. Also try and make sure that you add at least 15 highly followed people as usually you can gain more followers in general using this technique and it looks good to have a high number follower count.

Remember to post around 3 times a day about anything related to Younique and ensure you have some clickable link so people can go to your site if they like what they see. Furtermore always use the hashtag trick so put around 5 tags into each post as these pages are also being shared across multiple websites on the internet so more explosure to each and every post you make. And finally good luck using twitter for a marketing tool - you can do this!

Marketing my younique products using instagram?

Similar to the above techniques you really need to make a glowing profile and even choose a username that has the younique keywords in it so you can be found by search engines easily. With instagram you can take as many photos as you like throughout the day and spread the posts out evently so you can catch a wide audience that are signed in at different intervals in the 24 hours a day has to offer. One technique again is to use the hash tags and even try contacting other people using private messages if you see they are into makeup and then offer your services and younique products to them but be careful not to spam so try and make it relevant. Keep living and breathing these 3 marketing techniques and you will get there in no time to black presenter status in younique.

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