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Why should I join the Younique team?

What is the Younique compensation plan?

Is this definately not a Younique pyramid scheme?

Why should I join the Younique team?

Our main aim in life is to completely change your life for the better both financially and socially. There are nearly half a million women across the globe that are currently taking hundreds of selfies showing off their Younique makeup products and are giving amazing reviews and this in turn leads to more customers for them as just think about it people are excited themselves when you are passionate about a Younique product. Furthermore they too want to review it and more to the point they want what you have, so its a perfect chance to get recruiting and let them join the team.

So I ask you this - do you already use social media and if so Younique is perfect for you so I would definately join the team. Even if you don't theres always a time to start - its as simple as doing an hour or 2 a day and getting yourself recognised as a Younique artist and your friends and family will soon buy the Younique makeup and become curious about it themselves. It is so easy to go viral without thinking or working too much in this business. You can review the products yourself when you join the team as you recieve a Younique presenters kit to get started with which is worth a small fortune!

Once you have been recruited and have joined my team you will subsequently recieve lots of support and training that is ongoing from myself and the upline across various social avenues like Twitter messages, emails, texts, Youtube video shares and Facebook groups. I will even co-host an online party on Facebook if you need help or just want a hand with it or help on getting your script right beforehand. You can review as many Younique products as you like and its highly recommended to use a wide range of social media marketing so you can get yourself known and across the internet so more people will come and buy or join your team to build downline. Remember I am always here to help you and to provide tips on growing your Younique business but above all its extremely enjoyable.

What is the Younique compensation plan?

Now the Younique compensation plan reviewed! Basically when you join and become a Younique distributor you will be recognised as an official independent presenter and this will come with benefits and also various commission rates on direct sales. You are given your own login so you can see any given Younique order status so this is beneficial too. Anyway we need to review the Younique pay scale and explain what it all means in this chapter so here goes.

You NEED to grasp the underlying ways of just how you get paid before being recruited and affiliated with Younique … therefore browse this post to wrap your mind around it here. Here is the rationalization of the Compensation Chart, and many key words to get to grips with regarding your ROYALTIES chart:

The ROYALTY charts (below) are what you follow as you're going for your promotions monthly. In sales the month invariably starts over on the first. As your Younique team grows your monthly team volume will assist you in reaching higher levels. The initial chart graphs all out for you to review and you will see your progress. The last chart is the ROYALTIES program and shows the quantity of commission you may earn on for each goal target.

Review the chart to understand Younique goals

Look at the chart to see each Younique target revealed

Younique Makeup Products Compensation set up – We now try and square measure the BASICS:

Throughout all this you will be able to spend all of your huge payout and commissions using the Younique royalty debit card that looks like:

Spend your commission using the Younique debit card


Is this definately not a Younique pyramid scheme?

A short answer is that Younique is not a pyramid scheme! They are in fact are reputable marketing and network firm that can be considered a kind of MLM opportunity. For those of you that are not familiarised in the network marketing industry I will review. It basically means you reep what you sow i.e. the more effort you do in social media and contacting your friends and family then the higher chance for success in this business and remember if you join my team I will also help you and give out top secret tips.

Ultimately your total income is directly based on your performance as you are essentially independent sales rep and not an employee of them. Just like all MLM firms out there they each have various products, compensation plans and best strategies to develop their business. The startup cost is amazingly low considering the Younique presenter kit is worth quite a lot of money with all the high quality products it contains. Also the sales at the start payout commissions from around 20-30% so that is enough to sweeten your taste for success in this company. However in order to qualify for downline commissions you will still need around $250 in PRS (personal retail sales) but that is easy to reach if you put a tiny bit of effort into your marketing campaigns.

So its decision time ... it will change your life for the better if you join my Younique sisterhood team and become a distributor today. I'm actually excited for you as I have lots to share with you once you have signed up and I can't wait to hear how amazing your Younique presenter kit is - you will be blown away! Remember its all about making daily connections with friends, family and other like-minded people out there and personally I think you can do it if you've stayed on this far to read all about the Younique opportunity I have presented to you today. Once you are a Younique presenter it will be time to start recruiting and the Younique products on your live feeds will essentially sell themselves. Life is too short so go ahead and join right away so I can start helping you and remmber to put Nicola Lewis as your sponsor so i can send you all the secret schemes and info on how to succeed in Younique.

Good luck and today is the first day of the rest of your Younique life - Click HERE to Join